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S+N: a food lover and cooking site based on the culinary exploits of Squid & Niki. Here you will find the fruits of our labour: our tried, tested, failed, and favourite recipes as well as a smattering of interesting places where we’ve dined. We’re currently based in Toronto, ON, where you’re welcome to join us for an evening of SquidNiki’ing.

To SquidNiki is to cook and drink (sometimes heavily) with a pair who can contrive insults and lay blame as deftly as they prepare you a palatable, if not delicious, mouth adventure.

For the time being, to search our recipes please use the ‘Menu’ or ‘Search’ options and hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for! If you want us to attempt something for you, be it a classic dish or something crazy or new let us know- we love to try new sh!t.

YOU CAN ALSO FIND US AT SquidNiki.com, SquidNiki on Tumblr, and on Twitter @SquidNiki.

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