This used to be a longwinded instruction manual replete with lamb purchasing and cooking instructions. I have since realised the err in my ways.

Leg of lamb is best; bone-in or out is just fine; fresh or defrosted is cool.

Your leg of lamb should look like this before it goes on the grill:

Salt, pepper, fresh rosemary, garlic.

You will NOT overcook lamb. You will not leave lamb unattended if cooking over an open flame. Fat and oil make big flames. Big flames char meat. You will have a glass of water at the ready to tame unruly conflagration.

You will serve end pieces to the rabble that request well done lamb rather than overcook the whole thing. If they have the audacity to ask for seconds and you have no end pieces left, you will serve them the second rarest piece of lamb. Of course, you save the rarest piece for yourself.

Pair with Bordeaux, Syrah/Shiraz, Berringer, or Barley Juice.