Squid style; additional facts about squid

Eating and drinking is no necessity here- at its best, it is about new experiences: the discovery of a tasty new combo of herbs, or the mastery of a new (or classic) method can positively make my day.

The best of days are always those with good food, good friends to share it with, and a well-made drink poured with a heavy hand. The trick is staying sober enough to finish preparing the meal, which is almost impossible when the drinks are as good as they often are. Luckily, S+N are skilled in the craft.


About actual squid…
They have oft used ink sacs that I plan to man-handle one day in my own cooking.
The are a sea-creature with a beak and tentacles and are therefore spawn of the the devil.
They are the source of my misery, and most-hated nickname.