The Construction Site

Soundtrack: Lil Wayne: Sasaraf

In the interest of time (there is summer to be had and sh*t to throw on the grill), I’ll get straight to the point: try this place. Workout vigorously the day before- and the day after- and eat without remorse. Order a Boylan’s soda on the side to help refresh your mouth between fat-laden bites. They change ‘the Feature’ sammy weekly, allowing you to retreat into familiarity or venture into something new.

My first visit here marked the first time I’d gone to a restaurant and eaten alone. Niki assured me I would do fine alone and as usual he was wrong- but only because I’d actually ended up not really alone, talking to the friendly chicks behind the counter while I snapped a couple of pictures and happily ate the All Day Breakfast pictured below. The handcrafted Boylan soda was-is everything that stupid regular pop is not: light, subtle and not overpoweringly sweet.

I`m going to be honest, I was a bit shy about camera snapping while eating alone (sort of double the geeky) so the picture is balls.

I`ve saved the best for last.
If you haz a twitter account (oh S+N haz one too I think), request a song by tweeting` @grldradio play `song name`. I requested Downfall by Children of Bodom and couldn`t believe they actually played it. Ha! I was told the twitter account is linked to an automated player, so if you time it right, you walk in to your own theme song and nothing is off the table. If you do request something vulgar, please, please tweet us before you go, so I can pop in and see the expressions on the unsuspecting faces. Then I can have an excuse to order myself my fave glut-treat, the Sheeva, or Hot-Stepper.



The Construction Site
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