Yellow Perch with Lemon & Herbs

Here’s a quick and easy recipe that will work well with any delicate white fish, fresh water or ocean borne. Just make sure the fish is FRESH or frozen at sea or lake. No vacuum-sealed, freezer isle, frozen fish. You can put that shit in paella or seafood stew as filler but it won’t work too well with fresh, light flavours.

Here I used yellow Perch fillets (skin on) because they are small and easy to work with, were on special, and, for a white fish, Perch stays firm and does not flake the moment you touch it with heat.


Yellow Perch Fillets (skin on), or any other firm, fresh, white fish.
1 Fresh Lemon
Fresh picked Chives, preferably homegrown. Substitute your favourite fresh herbs.
Olive Oil to coat the pan.
1+ tbsp Salted Butter, the amount is really your preference. Substitute margarine for the cholesterol watchers and the heart-healthy. Or, leave out the butter and just use olive oil.
Fresh ground Pepper, loads of it.
Salt to taste.

Gently rinse and pat dry the fish fillets. Coat a pan with a generous glug of olive oil and heat at medium-high. Lightly salt (if using freshwater fish) the flesh side of the fillets and grind a turn of pepper over each. Gently place the fillets in the pan skin side down (you will most likely have to gird your face or cover the pan with a spit screen).

Once the fillets are golden brown skin side, turn the heat down to low and add butter and fresh lemon juice (beware of errant seeds). Give each fillet another turn of pepper and sprinkle chives (or your favourite fresh herbs) over each and lid the fish using a pot lid that fits inside your pan so as to capture heat directly over top of the fish. Cook for one more minute or until the flesh of the fish turns white and becomes firm.

Garnish with more fresh herbs.

This dish should take you no longer than ten minutes to prepare and cook. Longer than that and YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!