Patriot Prawns

One Canada Day weekend, we decided to smoke some shit.

Drinking Problem Prawns

You’re on your own for measurements, aside from fresh tarragon and Niki’s vast collection of boxed up dried spices and herbs, we were sorely under-equipped. It was definitely a One Spoon to rule it all kind of night.


garlic (not a lot)
red and white crushed peppercorns

whisky wood-chips

Soak your whisky woodchips and prepare the smoke making contraption- that is, of course: find foil serving trays, cut them up and re-purpose them into razor-sharp death packs of wet boozy scented wood chips. Throw em in the hot grill and wait for the magic to fill the grill. Whisky, thick wood-smoke filled air, re-purposing, almost cutting your hands to shreds- if you’re not turned on a little at this point, you are weird.

Then, in saucy-sauce pan, gently heat the butter with the nutmeg, crushed red and white (for Canada day) peppercorns, and garlic until the Niki yells, “What smells weird?!”. Let it cool down and then kind of drizzle it over and under their little prawn shells and just let them chill until it’s time to cook them.

When the smoke is thick and the grill is hot, put some whisky in a dish and brush the prawns with it, because we like things that taste a little extra boozy.

Place on the grill and smoke ’em peace prawn until pink and just done. I have the uncomfortable feeling of having said something inappropriate just now. I will ignore it unless someone complains.

E the S out of some prawns.