Vodka Strawberry Daiquiri Mojito Slush

… Clearly I’m confused. But this drink isn’t. Let’s give it a secondary title: the Taking Back the Baby Bullet Summer Slushy. That’s right, the forces of fun are reclaiming the Baby Bullet. It’s clearly a top-shelf tool and I suggest you all go out and buy one, expectant or otherwise. It makes just enough for two, and plenty for one. Helpings that is. Goodness, I wouldn’t want to limit myself to only one bullet worth of these in an evening.

I call this drink a ‘vodka strawberry daiquiri mojito slush’ because it evolved from a mojito base after I started growing mint in the garden and the therm hit 30 plus degrees centigrade. That takes care of the mojito and slush portion of the explanation; vodka because, well, I like it better than rum and daiquiri because I used to drink virgin(unfortunately) strawberry daiquiris when I was a kid. I discovered them at an in-pool bar at a hotel in Aruba and just about soiled myself with bliss when I took my first sip. I mean, in a pool, at a bar, in Aruba, drinking an adult slushy at the age of 10. That was pretty much it for me. I had reached my zenith. My mother’s reaction upon finding her 10 year old son sitting at a bar drinking was also an early-life highlight. Never mind the fact that those slushy red things you get at bars (including the one in which I discovered them) have about as little to do with real daiquiris as Harry Potter has to do with Literature.

0.5 cups Vodka
0.5 cups Simple Syrup
6 medium sized Fresh Strawberries. About half a punnet.
1 Kiwi, very ripe.
5 large Fresh Mint Leaves. Spearmint or regular. Homegrown mint leaves will most likely be twice the size of store bought mint leaves. If bought rather than homegrown, use 10.
1 Lime
Club Soda

Before prepping the fruit, muddle the mint in a measuring cup and add the vodka.

Wash, hull, and quarter the strawberries and peel and slice the kiwi. Set aside. Frozen fruit won’t yield proper flavour so don’t use it.

With ice, fill the Baby Bullet to the halfway mark. Ironically, on Baby Bullets, this is the ‘max’ mark. Add the strawberries and the kiwi.

Remove the mint leaves from the vodka – saving one leaf to add to the concoction – and pour it into the Bullet. Add the simple syrup and the single mint leaf and blend until the colour is even and the mixture is smooth.

To serve, fill glasses three quarters full with the slush and add a splash of club soda. Stir, garnish, ENJOY.

Note. This is by no means the sweetest drink but, if your fruit is good you can use less or even omit the simple syrup.

Stay fresh.