Yesterday Slate dropped an article about the imminent obsolescence of cookbooks as part of their Future of Food special. The article, entitled The Future of Cookbooks: They’ll go extinct. And that’s OK, happens to be an interesting and acutely topical read for us here at SquidNiki. Its author, L. V. Anderson, makes some fun pronouncements about the cookbook vs. online cooking resources that range from gift giving to soil-ability.

The verdict:

Will some cookbook lovers resist [the Internet’s] improvements? Yes, but eventually they will all be dead. Will some rich people always seek out obscure memorabilia to display as status symbols or art objects? Yes, but in the future, cookbooks will be quirky art objects in the same sense that typewriters are today. Their value will be in their history, and the rest of us will wonder how anyone ever cooked from them in the first place.

Read it. And form now on, we will try to bring you a new recipe or article every Tuesday.


Addendum. This just in from the Economist: ‘If the populations of other countries adopted the pattern of weight distribution found in the United States, the world’s biomass would rise by 20%—roughly equivalent to adding an extra 1 billion average-sized people.’