Dearest readers, I have stumbled across something momentous. So momentous in fact, that I have found it necessary to break my extended radio silence – I have been in hiding – in order to inform you of the gospel of Spam Quiche. Yes, you read that correctly: Spam-fucking-quiche direct from the annals of Google Christ.

The Internet never ceases to amaze me. Try it out if you’re brave enough. I still haven’t found it in me to try Spam, Cam, or any of the other assorted, tinned ‘meats.’ Mind you, I eat hotdogs and street meat all the time. I’m sure there is little difference once you get past the perfectly rectangular form that Spam, et al, manages to maintain.

Is it delish’? You tell me.

Much love from somewhere in rural Canada,


Postscriptum. Stay tuned for a beef brine recipe extraordinaire, if it works out.