…Speaking of Bacchante-type indulgence; you’ll probably notice our oft-photographed piles of food. Its how we like to roll. Sometime you can recognize part of a dish in one platter and then see it featured in a recipe on another page. If you ever like the look of something and can’t tell what it is, or what’s in it, just ask!

This most recent food-pile included a shrimp and avocado bruschetta, the Magic Box Tapenade, and a half-moon of Robiola. It is permissible to drool.
I’m choosing to feature the robiola because perhaps the reader hasn’t tried it yet. Deprive yourself no longer. It spreadably creamy but slightly tart, and a welcome change from nice predictable brie and camembert. The next time you wander into a cheese shop, say to the expert guy- I’d like some Robiola, please, and if he’s good he’ll wrap it in paper since wrapping it in plastic will cause it to choke and go all wonky. Thats right vegan reader: animal product that needs to breathe, made by animals, that breathe- and I’m STILL gonna eat it up.

Happy Cheesin.