Magical Box Tapenade

Niki has a magic box of recipes. In it, along with many other secrets, were an aunt’s recipe for a really nice tapenade.

As soon as I tasted it I had to wrench myself away; I know that olives have that ‘good’ fat, but I think I read somewhere that eating the equivalent of three bottles of olives is not very good for you. I’m like a Labrador when it comes to olives. Especially when the olives are paired with, well…this is what’s in it:

Lots of green olives (use black if you like)
Olive oil
2 or 3 anchovies
1/4 cup crushed pistachios
lemon juice
S n P

There may be more ingredients- and I am sure that Niki will update along with insinuations of a dearth of good help and good cooking partners. Grind ’em up with a mini processor, or with a mortar and pestle- the old Provençal way. And you tell me, how hard would it be to control yourself from a tapenade gorge? If you disagree, I may be inclined to not hang out with you.

I’d serve this with crusty bread, or as a base for a veggie sandwich, or even to stuff into something like seafood or chicken. I’d also pair it with a nice shiny spoon. Does it disgust you? Well, reader-man, if you’re uncomfortable with unabashed bacchanal indulgence you’ve definitely made a left-turn somewhere.

Olive you all,