Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

As a child, when the walrus ate all the little oysters in Alice in Wonderland, did you laugh, or feel bad? I’ll admit, I felt bad. But in my defense, I also got hungry.

We burst onto the staff at De La Mer on Bayview, and if anyone from there is reading this, thank you for enduring our questions about what kind of fish would go well in a pie, yes- in a pie; why black cod isnt actually cod; the countless ummms and bickering, and last, for introducing us to kumos, and shucking and serving them to us in-store.
Fact: the guy who spent the most amount of time with us disappeared into the back to fillet or something. Hypothesis: we were the sudden inspiration for fish butchering.

Well, hands down, kumos are our absolute new favorite oyster, for their meaty but ridiculously sweet and clean taste.
So here is the recipe, if you were looking for one:

One absolutely amazing, reasonably priced, friendly-staffed, seafood shoppe
A shucking knife, for opening oyster doors, and destroying non-oyster eaters
Um…what else… throw in some vodka, because I’m sure we had gotten into the vodka