Go For Tea

I usually don’t participate in restaurant reviews-


simply because I’m not good at it. I lack the impartiality required to be honest. Or perhaps I lack honesty.
Whatever the case, despite my categorization of this page, this is not really a restaurant review (see previous sentence). This is an introduction of my favorite late night past time:


Before I tell you about these places, I must tell you: I’m secretly hoping you never go. I depend on these places to be devoid of crowds so that I can enjoy many a scandalous conversation with girlfriends or cousins or friends late at night. They are open until 3 or 4 am and serve a full menu almost right until close; ice cream is okay when you’re upset, but deep fried shrimp are better. The only drawback is that they don’t serve alcohol but I believe that is how they keep the rabble away. Anyway, the eidetic reader will recall that both Squid and Niki carry flasks.

My two favorite bubble tea cafe’s in Toronto are Go for Tea, and another, Destiny.
The decor is soothing, the crowd is small and quiet, and the tables feel at least a little private.

If you’re unsure: bubble tea is so called because of the sweet chewy ‘bubbles’ of rice flour, but you’ll notice their absence in my mammoth-sized Taro Milk Tea (the purple). I leave the bubbles out so that I have room for my Milk Toast and yes, I shall answer the impending question. Milk toast is a large slice of chinese bread; bread thats chewy, firm, and slightly sweet; topped with condensed milk, and broiled in the oven until the milk browns. Childish? Perhaps. Yummy as hell? You damned right it is.
Well there it is, a little piece of myself, displayed on the interwebs. And if you do go, I hope you never order the Taro Milk Tea or Milk Toast, so that they never run out at 2 am.