Weekend Bounty

Squid and I had a wonderful and most productive long weekend.

Inspired by patti pan squash and zucchinis received from the boot of a car (for all ye North American, boot = trunk), from the boot of Miss Shannon Duncan’s car, Squid and I set out to do a weekend of gourd inspired cooking. When I say ‘gourd’ I mean that we had several patti pans of various shapes, colours, and sizes, some green and some yellow zucchinis, and that we subsequently purchased a giant Sicilian aubergine and some round zucchinis that resembled Green Goblin grenades (green Green Goblin grenades, yup). And, when I say ‘inspired’ I mean lots of beer, some fancy Cachaça (also some cheap cachaça), habanero peppers, and Redbull vs. “slow your roll” Relax Drank.

Let it be known that we have decided that peaches, in myriad grilled formats, are the perfect flavour accent for squash, zucchini, and aubergine. we also found ourselves in a fancy grocer that yielded essence of orange blossom; I had some cooking sherry at hand and had received Devonshire cream for my birthday.

All these thing combined, we should have had a disaster of epic proportion on our hands; somehow, the evening yielded several exceedingly impressive dishes that I’m not sure we will be able to repeat (though we certainly felt like restauranteurs drinking on the job). Perhaps you can try.

Beer tourism and squash: it’s a good time. Recipes will follow in due course.