A Hat-tip To “Culinary Propaganda”

I don’t agree with his meat preparation techniques (see “Culinary Propaganda Episode 1” below), though Chef Bartek (Montreal), of Culinary Propaganda, wins for his candor, sheer disdain for vegans, and overall style of execution. He puts into words — commands! — what I often feel the need to express myself, though I expect he’s more qualified to issue culinary edicts.

Chef Bartek has inspired me to try my hand at sausage making, hopefully in the near future: I have dreams of making my own boereworse. He has piqued my interest in jarred food and preserves: I recently tried homemade pickles; I can’t go back to store-boughts.

Finally, Chef Bartek, you have inspired me to be less obliging in my culinary excursions. Vegetarians and vegans be damned: your lifestyle choice is unnatural. Fortunately, as punishment, you don’t get to enjoy meat or any of it’s benefits: like, good health.

Chef Bartek, I tip my hat to you.