Sophist(icated) Watermelon Tea

I have a proposition for you: if you live in Toronto, go to David’s Tea and pick up a satchel of Luscious Watermelon Tea. Steeped and poured over ice on a hot day, it will quench your thirst like few other beverages. Add alcohol and thirsts get properly quenched, if not new thirsts born.

Squid and I made this one to go with our previous post: Mojito Salad In Celebration of Summer. The recipe calls for rum. It’s probably best with light rum in order to preserve the delicate watermelon flavour, but it worked quite well with Havan Club’s Añejo 7 Años rum.

Makes 4 cocktails so be sure to double-up.


6 tbsp David’s Luscious Watermelon Tea
2 C Boiling Water
Fine Sugar, to taste. Simple syrup or super fine sugar (yes, that’s a real thing, found at your local reasonably upmarket supermarket) would work best. Squid insists that agave would work too, but to such an abomination I canot ascribe!
3 tbsp Mint (give or take), torn into large pieces.
1 oz Rum, light, dark, whatever. Though, I would expect something like Black Seal or Cpatain Morgan’s dark to be over the top. You don’t want to destroy the subtle flavours of everything else.
2 oz Soda Water, chilled.
3 Watermelon Ice Cubes, soaked in rum.

Watermelon Ice Cubes (make these in advance, of course): cut some watermelon into large-ish cubes (include the skin for a nice colour palette), lay apart and freeze. When they are frozen through, place them in a container and pour a little rum over top. Place them back in the freezer until ready to use.

Base: steep 6 tbsp of tea in hot water. Try to find a removable steeper which will make the job a lot easier. Add sugar while the water is hot if you aren’t using simple syrup; super fine sugar dissolves well in cold water but you’ll have better results with hot. When the mixture has cooled down somewhat (about 10 minutes), add the mint and let cool completely.

Final Assembly: add rum to a highball glass, remove the mint from the base and pour 1/2 a cup of the tea base into each glass. Top with soda water and garnish with watermelon ice cubes.

The weather’s always good for drinking; a little UV abuse always helps.


PS. Sountrack: smooth jazz from NiceNoise Internet radio.