Toast French

With Thelonious quietly playing in the stereo, I`d much rather read, stretch, and pretty much just roll around in my rustly white sheets for hours. I need something good to coax me out: that something is mostly breakfast. No surprise there.

Franch toast is quite easy to make and even easier if you’ve done most of the beating and mixing the night before.

I read something somewhere about French toast being called pain perdu (not just ‘toast’) in France, but I prefer fresh. Stale bread is NOT going to get me out of bed, and a lightly crisped crust and fluffy centre requires fresh bread. Anyway, if you insist on being authentic or whatever, a good rule of thumb is: the fresher the bread, the shorter the soaking time required.

for 6-8 slices of toast- depending on the thickness of each slice

sh*t you need:

one loaf of fresh franch bread, cut into thick slices; you may not use it all if its quite large
large, beaten eggs
2 tbsp brown sugar
3/4 C milk
1/4 C cream
1 tsp vanilla
ground cinnamon, to taste
orange zest, to taste. I use about 1/4 of a large orange.
1.5 tbsp butter for the pan


Mix all of the ingredients well and in order.

Pour the mixture into a shallow bowl and dip both sides of each slice of bread in the mixture. Prepare 2-3 slices this way and lay them on a plate until the pan is ready.

Using a large pan melt the butter at medium heat. When the butter gets a bit foamy add the slices of bread.

While the toast is cooking prepare the rest of the bread and let them rest on the plate.
Cook the toast to a desired brownness and turn them over.
For the second or third batch only half a tbsp of butter will be needed to grease the pan.

French toast should be served very warm. If they aren`t to be served right away, keep them warm in the oven.

I love sliced orange or other fruit alongside.

Niki style finish: scoff at the maple syrup and cover with a thin layer of granulated sugar. Also, Niki says that he hates Mill St. Organic Ale and thus scoffs at it. You’ll notice it in the pictures: at the time, it was all that was available. It was imbibed with a suitably sour look ‘pon his face.

If you want to lay in your lazy haven for just 10 more minutes, you can mix everything but the last two ingredients and refrigerate it overnight. It is likely the zest or the cinnamon that will turn franch toast mix into zombie-smelling mix the next day.