Ass Is Molasses Summer Strawberries

… Only not.

This sh*t is healthy!

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I’m not a big dessert man. I usually go for a digestif and perhaps a cheese plate; else, a Spanish coffee or something akin to a blueberry tea. But, if there’s fresh fruit and anything like yoghurt or sour cream, I’ll take it over a cheese plate with my digestif et al.

This recipe is a mix to taste. The measurements are guidelines at best. Just BE SURE to start with a reasonably miniscule amount of Molasses because it becomes overpowering very quickly.


Lots of Fresh Strawberries (2 punnets serve about 6)
1/2 – 1 cup Sour Cream
2 Tbsp Molasses (to start; you can always add more, and probably should)
1 dash Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Sugar

* A note on the sour cream: I have tried fat-free, low fat, and straight-up-old-fashioned-proper sour cream with a high %MF. Surprisingly, the fat-free and low-fat versions tend to work best. I was brought up on skim milk, margarine sparingly (what’s butter?, I know), and fat-free yoghurts which might explain my preference. However, give it a try, I really do think the lower-fat stuff works better.

* A note on the molasses: My memories of this recipe are many and fond. But I remember a time when it was better. I suspect, when my mother taught me the recipe she used a molasses with a lower sugar content. I have yet to try this and will update once/if I do.


Combine the sour cream, molasses, sugar, and vanilla in a mixing bowl and mix well. You can make this in advance so you can cover and refrigerate it. It is best served nice and cold.

Wash the strawberries and cut them however you like. Just be sure to cut off the leaves and enough of the top so that people don’t have to eat the core. This one is for forks and/or spoons so you won’t be able to grab the strawberries by their leaves and bite off the good part of the fruit.

Portion out the prepared strawberries into simple white bowls, elegant glass bowls, or, even a fancy glass of some sort. Spoon a generous dollop of the sour cream and molasses mixture over the strawberries and then drizzle a few zig-zags of plain molasses over the sour cream. You can do this straight out of the molasses carton, make sure you do so sparingly, or, use a spoon.

Now, serve it BITCH!

You love it,

*Quantities amended c. May 19. 2011. 20:00hrs