F Tag!

After making sophisticated cocktails out of impressively high scoring vodka and hard to pronounce Japanese liqueurs…

what will sometimes happen is that you will play a game of F-Tag.

If you choose to indulge in this most amazing abuse of sugar be prepared to:

a) endure the consequences of abusing your personal social media avenue with obnoxious graffiti.

b) wear the bottle of  Tag Vodka on your head:

Play: Priest Soundtrack, Two Steps from Hell

Sh*t you’ll need:
Vodka, slowed (chilled) , to retain maximum slushiness.
Slushy filled with 2/3 pomegranate and 1/3 Mountain Dew slushy.
2 super thick straws
1 ‘care not what you think’ attitude.
1 appointment-free next day.

Turbo suck 1/3 of the slushy out of the cup.
Fill the gaps with vodka. (Good rule of thumb for wedding conversation as well).
That is all.
Recommended accompaniment: Passion Flaky.