Gussied up salad

A little twist goes a long way.
This post is mostly instructional, and directed at people who lack meal prep inventiveness.
If you have to make a salad starter or side and are bored of plating and forking up random pieces of poorly dressed lettuce pieces, try making a little salad roll. Refrigerate covered until serving time.

Use whatever salad leaf you like for the inside.
Try and choose long thinly sliced veggies, or small pieces so that you can roll it easily.  Maybe throw some herbs in.
Use a larger leaf for the wrapping. They have precut “lettuce roll” romaine, but you can easily make your own by trimming romaine.

carrot, cucumber, zucchini.
Choose a long vegetable and using a firm hand and a peeler, make long strips of pliable, tie-able garnish. You can also use a long mandoline and then cut the wide strips into thinner ones. Cover the strips with something damp so that they don’t dry out.

Put one of your strips down and cover it with the leaf. I find it easier to handle when the leaf is convex on your prep surface and it is pressed down so that the middle vein breaks a little. It will sit on the plate rather than turn completely sideways, looking sad and in need of a drink.
You can drizzle dressing in the roll before you roll it or just across the finished roll.
Fill the leaf and then pull the edges towards you and tie it firmly with the cucumber using a double knot.

Plate and drizzle some dressing across.

A salad is like fancy lingerie. The good stuff comes after, but we might as well make the time spent worthwhile, no?